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A child’s smile is worth a million words

Pediatric dentistry is also known as Pedodontics. This branch of dentistry takes care of the oral health issues of children. Whenever a child is born, within six months of his/her birth they get their first set of teeth. It’s very important for the parents to be aware about the health and status of milk teeth. Whenever you see that your little one is facing some issue in swallowing, eating or chewing or any other activity then it’s the time that you should consult us.

treatment for your new born.

Never waste time in getting the best medical services for your children because a late of few a minutes can cause you major harm in future. All you need to do is just look for the most modern and effective Pedodontic medical services.

How can Kalyani help you?

Kalyani Dental offers multiple treatment options for pediatric patients ranging from fillings to fluoridation. So, help your young one have a carefree and easy smiling future.


We follow all the disinfection and sterilization procedures needed for infection control.

Our modern approach, use of latest technology and commitment to offer non-invasive painless & needleless treatment give us unique identity. .


I’m highly grateful to the doctors at Kalyani Dental clinic for making my smile transform from ugly to beautiful through their magical hands and modern techniques.

I was advised to undertake RCT but I was scared of the pain caused into the process. Recently, I got it done at Kalyani Dental and I must say that their experience and professionalism made the entire process an easy and smooth one.

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