Kalyani- Laser Dentistry

Have you ever tried the laser power

Laser Dentistry is the new methodology that has stepped in and is less invasive. Many dental procedures can be performed in lesser number of times, often minutes when compared to hours in Traditional Dentistry. Laser Dentistry has made dentistry faster, safer and very successful than Traditional Dentistry and also facilitates us to get the best of all dental surgeries. Laser treatment offer non invasive surgeries,teeth whitening and chronic pain management.In a way,Lasers are changing the face of the dentistry.

Who is Kalyani different?

Kalyani Dental is a multi-specialty clinic that offers a wide array of world class dental services. Kalyani Dentals have a specialized panel of doctors that take care of all the niche requirements of the patients. More importantly, we are also equipped with the top and latest methodologies that help us to provide the best dental service to the patients.


We follow all the disinfection and sterilization procedures needed for infection control.

Our modern approach, use of latest technology and commitment to offer non-invasive painless & needleless treatment give us unique identity. .


I’m highly grateful to the doctors at Kalyani Dental clinic for making my smile transform from ugly to beautiful through their magical hands and modern techniques.

I was advised to undertake RCT but I was scared of the pain caused into the process. Recently, I got it done at Kalyani Dental and I must say that their experience and professionalism made the entire process an easy and smooth one.

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